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Prime Advantage Advisory

Prime Advantage Advisory: Business Advisory Solutions

Our mission is to provide the small and medium size business with the right conditions to succeed.

Prime Advantage is a highly experienced, specialist business advisory offering business growth solutions, corporate finance solutions and exit strategy advisory. Founded in 2011, Prime Advantage has offices and representation in the UK and Australia.

Prime Advantage - Business Growth Solutions, Corporate Finance Solutions, Exit Strategy Advisory

Whether we provide business growth solutions with our advisory’s team of sector experts, lead the process of capital raising to fund growth or develop your exit strategy with our corporate finance solutions, we work exclusively with small and medium size enterprises, their founders, owners and stakeholders.

Our Managing Partners, Brian Farrugia and Greg Tufnell, using their extensive track record in inspiring growth and maximising value to create successful businesses have formed Prime Advantage with the clear purpose of developing personalised business advisory services, corporate finance solutions and exit strategy advisory.

These solutions are developed and delivered by sector experts that care passionately about their clients, creating a close alignment with them through Prime Advantage’s unique long term incentive philosophy.

Things do not happen

Things are made to happen

John F. Kennedy

Prime Advantage works with our 3 Principles of :
  • Inspiring Growth
  • Driving Business Performance
  • Maximising Shareholder Value

We provide strategic and operational advice to our Clients utilising a blend of our sector experts’ experience and both their strategic and operational expertise along with our own structured methodology, The 9 Step Programme.

The 9 Step Programme is based on the best practice principles and insights that our Partners have acquired through years of successfully driving business performance to achieve significant shareholder value.

All of the market leading Sector Experts that join our team have been selected because they have successfully started, grown and exited businesses before: their experience of business growth, capital raising, succession planning, mergers and acquisition is extensive.

The plans and ambitions of our Clients are further supported by Prime Advantage’s unique capability to provide a combination of business advisory services alongside the ability to raise funds and develop exit strategies through Prime Advantage Corporate Finance, our corporate finance solutions division.

These plans and ambitions are further advanced by Clients having access to a selected network of Strategic Alliances offering guidance and advice across all areas of business life including accounting and legal services, wealth management and banking.

This is called the Prime Advantage Eco System and this extends to the recent opening of our Prime Advantage offices in Perth, Australia.

Success is a science;

if you have the conditions,

you get the result

Oscar Wilde

Prime Advantage Advisory Overview

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