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How We Work - Prime Advantage

Prime Advantage believes in strength in selection. Reciprocal trust and mutual understanding are crucial to ensuring that our clients’ businesses can reach their optimum performance and sustain this level of success. Our methods and how we work are the reasons why our advisory and corporate finance solutions provide great success to our clients’ businesses.

Our Clients share our values of honesty, integrity and transparency and are passionate about their own capacity to progress.

The process begins with the Prime Advantage Partner and sector expert meeting the prospective Client so that they can exchange views and information, ask questions and share concerns.

From this meeting the Partner will agree the primary strategic and operational needs and how best they can utilise the range of Prime Advantage solutions, techniques and services to help grow, maintain or sell the client’s business.

A Partner proposal will then follow. Uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the potential Client the proposal highlights the strategies to Inspire Growth, Create Value and Maximise Wealth.

Although the proposal is uniquely developed for the Clients’ needs, a Partner may propose that a Client:

  • begins by working through the Prime Advantage 9 Step Programme or
  • asks the Partner to undertake a strategic review of the business to determine the most appropriate growth and exit strategy or
  • asks the Partner to prepare the business for investment or
  • appoints the Partner as Non Executive Chairman or Non Executive Director

Corporate Strategy Advisory Services

Throughout the process our aim is that the Client remains in control as Prime Advantage is able to match the right approach and level of involvement to the needs of the Client through its wide variety of solutions including Business Advisory, Corporate Finance, Mentoring and Coaching, Strategy and Business Review, and Operational Performance Improvement.


Our Partners are highly experienced at understanding the needs of a business that has aspirations to grow as well as identifying the barriers to that growth.

The initial meetings with our potential Clients will help to formulate this understanding as will the due diligence that the Partner and business owner carry out prior to and immediately after our appointment.

Prime Advantage Corporate Finance SolutionsWhether it be long term strategic clarity that is required, immediate improvements in sales revenue, organising for growth, preparing the business for investment or developing exit strategy, the Prime Advantage Advisory Partner is equipped to develop robust plans and deliverables.

Acting as a catalyst to organic growth the Partner will be able to provide operational support at every level along with access to the Prime Advantage advisory and corporate finance solutions.

To further inspire the business owner, Prime Advantage brings Clients, Partners and Strategic Alliances together at forums and events to encourage networking, foster the exchange of cross sector experience and open business relationships, all of which goes to make up the Prime Advantage Eco System.


Working closely together the Partner and their Client will develop clear business plans that deliver sustainable growth in revenue and margins, producing improved earnings and thus maximising wealth for business owners and shareholders.

By challenging embedded thinking with a programme of quick wins, transformed capabilities and refreshed ways of working the emphasis is on high impact delivery and increased momentum.

At the core of a Prime Advantage Partner-Client relationship is the ongoing measurement of performance, accountability and responsibility as together we create the right conditions to succeed:

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result”

Oscar Wilde

By having access to the Prime Advantage Eco System, Clients are fast tracked to levels of expertise that have been curated by and introduced to Prime Advantage over many years. The result being that the Client’s business grows faster, makes less mistakes and allows business owners a level of support and insight that they could not achieve on their own.


Prime Advantage understands that a business is only as strong as its legacy.

We tailor strategy so that we are fully aligned to the needs and long term ambitions of our Clients.

Maximising Shareholder ValuePrime Advantage is able to help navigate the Client through a wide range of possibilities and choices including Exit Planning, Management Buy Outs, Mergers and Acquisitions, IPOs and Trade sales as well as Succession Planning,

Maximising the profits of a business and creating the environment in which extreme value can be generated, is the hallmark of a Prime Advantage Partner’s business career.

Through our Corporate Finance division and extensive network of Strategic Alliances, we are also able to introduce Clients to Wealth Management experts so that business and personal strategies are both aligned and maximised effectively.

Our overriding view is that by appointing Prime Advantage, we are being invited on a journey with you, your team and your business to Inspire Growth, Drive Business Performance and Maximise Shareholder Value.

Prime Advantage Advisory Overview

Download a PDF copy of The Prime Advantage Overview (374KB).

Prime Advantage Advisory 9 Step Programme

Download a PDF copy of The 9 Step Programme Overview (403KB).