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Sector Expert - Brian Farrugia

Transport Business Growth and Emotional Marketing – Prime Advantage

Transport businesses often operate services that are of significant use to the public, but the Passenger Transport Executives (PTEs) that support the promotion of public transport services often neglect ‘forward-thinking’ marketing approaches.

Instead, ‘go green, save money’ tends to be the predominant, overarching marketing message used by PTEs across the UK to promote the use of public transport. But is this message in danger of becoming repetitive, boring and unappealing; has it reached that point already?

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Growing your business in the Automotive Sector

The report stressed that EU membership boosts both the attractiveness of the UK as a place to invest, and the competitiveness of the domestic automotive industry. Not surprisingly, it notes that access to the Single Market is fundamental to UK auto manufacturing, thereby supporting sales and facilitating supply chain growth.

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Sector Expert - Brian Farrugia

Brian Farrugia - Managing Partner and : Travel & Transportation, Automotive, Service Industry and The Collaborative Economy

Brian Farrugia - Managing Director 

Sector Expert for the Travel & Transportation, Automotive and Service Industry and The Collaborative Economy.

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