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DigitalDigital – Industry Overview

The digital sector can be exciting and fast-paced, involve a research concept being carefully translated into a market disruption or often there is so much potential that no-one knows where the business may land!

Traditionally, digital has been viewed as a cost-centric business function and has often faced cuts from parent organisations. Today, digital has taken its place as a business transformer, capable of taking companies into new markets, generating efficiencies in areas that were previously impossible to rationalise. Digital processes allow business to transform both in terms of how they do business (process) and their organisational formations (structure). Digital business takes two forms: standalone firms with a digital specialism and other firms with a digital offering amongst other products and services.

Currently, the biggest challenge digital business faces is a shortage of skills in the UK. With software at the heart of many digital businesses, the lack of engineers and programmers has the potential to take its toll on the sector and become a barrier to growth. Opportunities in the sector exist across a wide range of disciplines: as more companies and individuals move towards digitising aspects of their businesses or lives, the opportunity for previously niche ‘interest’ products or services to become mainstream technology is growing. Additionally, bespoke solutions to organisational problems are required by firms operating under more complex requirements and digital businesses can capitalise on these opportunities. In essence, the UK’s digital ecosystem is thriving.

Digital Sector Expert

Chris Airey

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