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IT and TechnologyIT and Technology – Sector Overview

The UK is currently buzzing with tech activity. From London to Newcastle, the entrepreneurial spirit is thriving and a growing number of innovative, aspiring and ambitious companies are laying down roots, encouraged by supportive government policies and a growing ecosystem. The IT and Technology market is an exciting sector where Clients are looking for reliable services, technology art of the possible and cyber secure adoption of business model shifts such as Cloud computing.

There is a demand in the industry for higher-level technical skills, in particular skills which will enhance the development of products and services to meet the needs of the fast-moving nature of the sector. This includes knowledge of current and older programming languages and systems, such as cloud computing. The development of mobile applications and user experience are other areas where IT and technology specialists are required. Cybersecurity is a growing field also, though currently there are not enough experts in the UK to counteract more advanced cyber attacks.

Business value will manifest in this sector through the ability to expand and grow accounts and surface usable intellectual property. Realising the strategic value of your Client relationships can be difficult when the core of business is based around a very process-driven way of delivering requirements. Vendor relationships can also be a key decision point around enabling or constraining your business value.

Technological influence on other industries continues to grow, mainly across media, entertainment, communications, power and utilities and banking sectors. Digital technologies are creating new opportunities for the growth of other sectors, with strategic importance being placed on cybersecurity tools, analytics, mobile tech, the ‘Internet of Things’ and cloud computing.

IT & Technology Sector Expert

Chris Airey

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