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In 2015 there were 5.4m small and medium size businesses operating in the UK. These businesses employed nearly 16m people and combined had revenues of £1.75 trillion.

Encouragingly over 250,000 businesses are started every year with a new peak being reached in 2013 when 346,000 businesses entered the market. Sadly almost the same number that start each year also fail each year.

As an Advisory and Corporate Finance specialist, Prime Advantage is dedicated to making those that start succeed and for those businesses that have started, making sure that they do not fail.

Although the London area has the most SME businesses, it is note worthy that it is not just the South East that dominates the landscape. The South West, East of England, East Midlands and North West have significant and similar sized business populations and scale.

This is why part of the Prime Advantage DNA is its ability to deliver locally to its Clients.

Firstly our Sector Experts are based across the UK.

Secondly our business is structured around Sectors and not geography or territories. As a result our Sector Experts are Sector-specific and are responsible for the business and direction in their sector.

Thirdly our Strategic Alliances and the Prime Advantage network allows the business to extend throughout the UK and very often the type and nature of the companies that we form alliances with are those with structures and offices located across the UK and able to deliver close to our Clients.

The 5.4m SME businesses fall in to several key categories and Prime Advantage has significant expertise and experience in these.

SECTORNo of Businesses% of Total Businesses% of RevenuesPrime Advantage Sector Expert
Retail523,00010%37%Greg Tufnell
Transportation275,0005%5%Brian Farrugia
ICT339,0006%6%Chris Airey
Professional & Scientific793,00015%7%Greg Tufnell
Support Services443,0008%6%Chris Airey
Construction956,00018%7%Coming Soon

In addition to the Sectors outlined, the breadth of the business experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of our Sector Experts means that Prime Advantage also has a track record in areas such as:

Publishing : Brian Farrugia

Professional Services : Greg Tufnell 

Sports and Hospitality : Greg Tufnell

Travel : Brian Farrugia